Podesta calls Trump ‘our whack job’ president in response to error-filled tweet

Podesta calls Trump ‘our whack job’ president in response to error-filled tweet

During a full day of meetings at Friday’s Group of 20 summit in Hamburg, President Trump dismissed one of his most curious final tweets: the claim that “everyone” was talking about the role of John Podesta, The former president of Hillary Clinton’s campaign in the Russian hacking e-mail scandal last year.

“Everyone here talks about why John Podesta refused to give the DNC server to the FBI and the CIA. Dishonorable,” Trump wrote, apparently referring mistakenly to a Democratic National Committee server containing pirated e-mails.

Podesta, who was taking a road trip across the country with his wife said Friday that he had discovered during a pit stop in West Virginia that the president was a jerk himself. He returned in kind on Twitter, calling Trump “our good job PEU” and telling him to “take care”.

The Trump tweet followed several more Friday when it counted meetings with world leaders at the G-20, and occurred just hours before the scheduled time to sit down with Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose intelligence officials from the United States said that interference from His country in last year’s election between Trump and Clinton.

Trump tweeted two parts of the e-mail scandal. The DNC hacked email server issued in July, while hacked the personal account of the Podesta was released later in the year by WikiLeaks.

Podesta has not held a position in the DNC, and was not in a position to exercise control over his e-mail. In any case, Podesta has cooperated fully with the FBI and other law enforcement authorities regarding piracy of their personal email.

It was not clear what Trump meant when he said that “everyone” at the G-20 summit was Podesta state and its alleged actions. Several White House officials did not respond Friday to the questions Trump spoke about himself.

Podesta, who previously served in the White Houses of Democratic presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, unleashed seven tweets Friday, including one that offered this advice to Trump: “Friend, get your head in the game representing the States. G-20 “.
Later in the day, after arriving in Kentucky, Podesta has submitted a comment to The Washington Post in which he wrote: “It had nothing to do with the Democratic National Committee. So there’s no DNC server to refuse To give me and never asked me one. ”

He also noted that “the CIA has no role in collecting information internally – in fact, it is banned. The CIA would never ask for a third to a DNC server.”

Shortly after his tweet on Podesta, Trump issued another saying: “I’m looking forward to all of today’s meetings with world leaders, including my meeting with Vladimir Poutine.

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