Narendra Modi in US: In dealing with a fickle Donald Trump, focus must be on building personal bond

Narendra Modi in US: In dealing with a fickle Donald Trump, focus must be on building personal bond

It is interesting to note that Donald Trump will host Narendra Modi at his first in-person meeting on June 26 at the White House; it is not Mar-a-Lago’s favorite refuge by the President of the United States, where he stayed with El President of China, Xi Jinping, and Japanese Minister Shinzo Abe.

Do what speculation is, the heat of Florida? Or are they offered to the White House as part of a more vivid discussion between two leaders they’ve never seen before? Do we conclude that Trump “negotiator” is ready to see what Modi has to offer, but we do not want to devote more or share a sticky chocolate cake like he did with Xi?

The problem is that Trump is not safe.

As far as we know, at the first sight of Modi, you can get rid of the handshake by a bear hug and focus on a closer relationship based on “personal chemistry.” If there is one predictable thing about Trump is that it is unpredictable. During the election campaign, we were promised a “friend” from India to the White House. What has instead been a revisionist leader who has deceived us into the Paris agreement and threatened to launch skilled Indian workers.
The synergy between New Delhi and Washington is the result of decades of concerted efforts and significant personal investment leaders on both sides. The distance between mutual mistrust of the Cold War and the closure of a civil nuclear agreement or a military logistics agreement was not covered in one day. And with Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Narasimha Rao and Manmohan Singh, credit should also go to Modi to lose the “history of doubt.”

However, as indicated by the director of Carnegie India, C. Raja Mohan in The Indian Express, “Having brought India its defensive shell, Modi now realizes that he must face a United States withdrawing one Traditional accessories framing India and the United States over the past two decades – including those in shared democratic values ​​and a common interest in Asia’s economic balance – no longer provide effective guidance for ‘Trump era’.

To ensure continuity of the relationship in dealing with an innocent head of history, insensitive about alliances, he suffers from a disruption of attention, rather than personal relationships above national and geopolitical considerations and seems to be totally incompetent to The work was chosen Doi, Modi may have to revise his strategy.

Unlike his recent tour of Europe and Russia, Modi can not rely on strengthening ties between India and the United States in the broader context of shared democratic values, interests and mutual concerns. It faces the challenge of ensuring the continuity of bilateral relations in the narrow paradigm of personal equations strategic interests mutual dense enough distillation established by the hands of experienced foreign policy.

To understand how it works, just look at the dynamics of geopolitics in just over thirty days Trump take the White House. NATO allies for a long time, strategic and business partners have stopped smoking or are confused.

Trump also accused Saudi Arabia of funding global terrorism and suggested that House of Saud was responsible for the Sept. 11 attacks. Following Washington Postpoints while discussing essays in the September 11 Commission report with Fox News last April, Trump said: “It will be very profound to do with Saudi Arabia and the role of Saudi Arabia in the World Trade Center and the attack “.

Its vis-a-antagonism in Saudi Arabia dates back to 1987 when it bombarded nearly $ 100,000 to place an ad in major newspapers, accusing them, among others, of aspiring to the United States and requesting that these countries “pay the United States for life And a billion dollars we have lost to protect their interests. “

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