Nasa reveals 12 new apprentice astronauts for 2017

Nasa reveals 12 new apprentice astronauts for 2017

Nasa reveals 12 new apprentice astronauts for 2017

In front of the big thieves who have exceeded the record number of competitors to choose the new NASA learning astronauts.

The seven men and five women have seen nearly 18 300 other candidates to gain a place in the space of the two-year elite training program.

Lot 2017 includes the former employees of SpaceX, a marine biologist and several highly decorated military personnel, who all responded to NASA’s call for candidacy in December 2015.

US Vice President Mike Pence received them during a welcoming ceremony at the Johnson Space Center in Houston.

“You are the 12 who have passed, you have joined the elite, you are the best of us,” he said.

What should you present?

NASA has strict rules if you want to do a job out of this world. pot
You need a degree in engineering, biological sciences, physical sciences, computer science or math to begin with.

To this is added the three-year professional experience with at least 1000 or “time captain pilot” in a jet.

But an additional teaching experience of master’s or doctorate or equivalent can substitute for professional experience as it is in science, engineering or mathematics.

Mental ability must be compatible with a natural ability to pass NASA’s physical astronaut long-term, with a 20/20 vision (although the glasses are acceptable to achieve it).

He must also respect the anthropometric “requirements” for the spaceship suit and space, which looks like a height between 5’2 “and 6’2”.

And finally, despite all of the above, you can not earn a seat in the course, unless you have an American passport, even though both citizens can apply.

How does NASA decide to take?

After going through the applications reduce the field, the selected candidates are invited to a job interview a week.

The exam includes personal interviews, medical exams, and orientation tests as part of the final score.

Did you reach your goal?

2017 includes an Antarctic icebreaker (Robb Kulin), Assistant Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Warren Hoburg) and former US Rugby Sevens (Jessica Watkins) team.
Raja Chari is one of a series of experienced drivers, accumulating more than 2,000 hours in combat missions in Iraq and deployments in Korea.

Other great votes include Matthew Dominick, a star of the United States Naval Test Pilot School who flew over 60 combat missions, and Jasmin Moghbeli, born in Germany, but led the breeders, who flew 150 missions to fight.

Other candidates include Kayla Barron, who holds a Master’s in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Cambridge and Frank Rubio, who has more than satisfied the demand for excellence skills and scientific pilot.

The family doctor and former decorated platoon leader took Blackhawk helicopters for the United States Army in Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq.

What will the astronaut candidates be like now?

The dozen candidates will receive two years of training and assessment to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to prepare a formal test flight and training mission.

This includes:

Diving training for practicing astronauts is trained in military survival water.
The training systems of the International Space Station
Extravehicular skills
Training in robotic skills
Language training Russian
Training in preparation for the flight of the airplane.
Those who complete the training with the required standard will become permanent federal employees, while those who are not will be crowned alternative roles considered within NASA.