As Congress Takes On Government, Rahul Gandhi's Headed Abroad

As Congress Takes On Government, Rahul Gandhi’s Headed Abroad

As Congress Takes On Government, Rahul Gandhi’s Headed Abroad

Rahul Gandhi says he is going to Italy to meet his grandmother
His mother runs the opposition strategy for presidential elections
He visited India between breaks, says BJP

Congressional Vice President Rahul Gandhi has announced on Twitter that he went to Italy to visit his grandmother, dropping the time of his trip, although the BJP in power, claiming that M. Gandhi lack of commitment to the policy, said he was not surprised.

“Rahul Gandhi is visiting India during his holidays abroad,” said BJP spokesman GVL Narasimha Rao.

Congress said the controversy is not necessary. “Rahul goes to Italy to visit his 93-year-old grandmother, to see what it was like. We strongly criticize those who try to politicize this,” said spokesman RS Surjewala. Politically, this is not a quiet season.

The death of five Madhya Pradesh farmers – fired by police during a protest for debt relief and better prices for their products – has become a major political controversy. M. Gandhi, who is 47 years old on his trip on 19 July, was briefly detained when he tried to visit the families of the dead farmers in the Mandsaur area.

Opposition parties such as the said the tragedy exposes the lack of interest of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his party, the BJP, while providing relief to farmers who deform rural anguish.
M. Gandhi also out of the country, while his mother, congressional leader Sonia Gandhi, heads the efforts to rally the opposition against the election of the President of India, scheduled for next month.

Tomorrow the opposition leaders will meet in New Delhi to discuss their strategy. Although the opposition has said that this could be a single candidate against the government’s decision, leaders said they expect the government to share the name of their candidate.

BJP leader Amit Shah has created a committee of three high-level ministers to speak with party allies – and the opposition – a suitable replacement for President Pranab Mukherjee, whose term expires on July 24.

The government, with the support of regional parties such as Telangana TRS, has enough votes to win an election if it can not reach an agreement with the opposition on the new occupant of Rashtrapati Bhavan.

Even if the opposition is aware that it is redundant, she believes the choice will allow her the opportunity to measure how they can work together. Opposition heavyweights like Nitish Kumar agreed that it would take a large collection of pieces to block PM Modi a second term given his current popularity.

The election of the president, if necessary, will be held on July 17; The counting will take place three days later, on the 20th.

Panneerselvam will come back to our fold soon, hopes Dhinakaran

Panneerselvam will come back to our fold soon, hopes Dhinakaran

Panneerselvam will come back to our fold soon, hopes Dhinakaran

Or by calling his senior brother panneerselvam, deputy secretary general of the AIADMK (Amma) faction, TTV Dhinakaran, expressed hope that the former chief minister of Tamil Nadu will soon return to his faction.

Speaking of Hindu Dhinakaran expressed hope that panneerselvam reconsider their views on the unification of the two factions and claimed that 90 percent. 100 of the party and its officials were with their function.

“I am sure he will reverse his position and come back soon.I have great respect for Annan (big brother) OPS and he is my friend too.I am sure he will be back soon.No 90% of the parties and their officials They are with us, “said Dhinakaran The Hindu.

The declaration of Dhinakaran produced a day after panneerselvam has dissolved the seven-member committee that was formed to hold merger talks with AIADMK rival faction led by Tamil Nadu CM Edappadi K. Palaniswami.

The olive branch Dhinakaran O panneerselvam is important as it is attributed to identify and promote panneerselvam in the AIADMK.

He added that, since things do not move smoothly in the direction of the unification of the two groups, it is now their responsibility to close.

“Things are worse than … now it is my responsibility to ensure that the factions are united. I met the secretary general of the Sasikala Bangalore party (the central prison) on June 4 and I said that I would actively work for the Merger after 60 days. She agrees with my point of view, “said Dhinakaran.

Researchers discover cool dust around energetic active black holes

Researchers discover cool dust around energetic active black holes

Researchers discover cool dust around energetic active black holes

Researchers at the University of Texas, San Antonio, using observations from the stratospheric observatory for NASA Astronomy Infraroucie, Sofia, discovered that the dust surrounding the black holes lives and much angrier compact than previously thought.

Most, if not all, large galaxies contain a supermassive black hole in their center. Many of these black holes are relatively silent and inactive, like the center of our galaxy the Milky Way.

However, some supermassive black holes currently consume significant amounts of materials being formed, which translates into huge amounts of energy emission. These active black holes are called active galactic nuclei.

Previous studies have suggested that all active galactic nuclei have basically the same structure. The models indicate that the active nuclei of galaxies have a structure in the form of dust net, known as the bull that surround the supermassiform black hole.

Using the weak infrared instrument called the camera to obtain the SOFIA telescope, Forcast, the team observed infrared emissions around 11 supermassive black holes in the active nuclei of galaxies at distances of 100 million light years and more and determined the size, opacity And the distribution of dust in each core.

In an article published in the Monthly Notices magazine of the Royal Astronomical Society, the team reports that bulls are 30 percent lower than expected and that the maximum infrared emission is at longer infrared wavelengths than even expected . The implication is that the dust that obscures the central black hole is more compact than previously thought.

They also indicate that the active nuclei of galaxies radiate most of their energy in wavelengths that are not observable from the ground because the energy is absorbed by the vapor of water in the atmosphere.

SOFIA flies over 99 percent of the earth’s water vapor, allowing the group to research to characterize the properties of toroidal powder structures far infrared wavelengths.

“By using SOFIA, we could get as many detailed spatial observations as possible at these wavelengths, allowing us to make new discoveries about the characterization of the active scarecrow galactic dust cores,” said Lindsay Fuller PhD student at the University Of Texas in San Antonio and main author of the article published.

Future observations are required to determine whether all observed emission comes from bulls, or whether there is another component added to the total emission of active nuclei.

Enrique López-Rodríguez, principal investigator of the project’s research team and the scientific space at the SOFIA Universities Science Center, said: “So, our goal will be to use SOFIA to observe a larger sample of active galactic nuclei and longer wavelengths Long

This will allow us to more closely enforce the physical structure of the dusty environment that surrounds the active nuclei of galaxies. ”

SOFIA is a Boeing 747SP modified to carry a telescope 100 inches in diameter. This is a joint project of NASA and the German Aerospace Center, DLR. NASA’s Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley, Calif., Runs the SOFIA program, scientists and mission operations in collaboration with Columbia University-based Space Research University and the Allemand SOFIA Institute (DSI) Of Stuttgart.

The aircraft is based at the 703 Hangar of Armstrong NASA Aviation Research Center in Palmdale, California.

Choose books, laptops to end violence: Army chief to Kashmiri students

Choose books, laptops to end violence: Army chief to Kashmiri students

Choose books, laptops to end violence: Army chief to Kashmiri students

NEW DELHI: Stressing that the generations were destroyed due to unrest in Jammu and Kashmir, army general, General Bipin Rawat, on Tuesday urged students to the state to choose laptops and books To help stop the cycle of violence.

Speaking to a group of Kashmir students who were supported by the army and cleared the IIT entrance examination, he stated that their success was not an easy feat and that they Have become a brilliant example for the young people of the valley.

Referring to his stadiums in Jammu and Kashmir, which recently saw a growing incident of stone bites, Rawat said his first publication in the state was in 1981-182 when the “situation was good”.

The situation began to deteriorate during its second publication between 1991 and 1993, said the army chief, noting that he also had periods of J-K from 2006 to 2008, then from 2010 to 12 pm.

“I saw the situation. How many generations will they see these shots and smoke explosives?” He asked.
“Generations have been destroyed because of this. The fear that has entered the minds of the people of Kashmir and the youth … a militant or the security forces will come
“So you have militants on one side and security forces on the other, how long we are going to stay in this atmosphere, we have to put an end to it, we want peace to be restored there and We accomplish our daily work without any problems, “Rawat said.

He also said that the recent fate of the troubles has led to a decline in tourism in the valley.
“Kashmir is paradise, we still have to bring it to that level that was before, the world is gathering to see the valley, but people can not come because of the tension,” he said.

He also asked students to return to their roots after completing their studies and helped in the development of the state to alleviate the difficulties encountered by people.

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“They (young people) should have a laptop or a book. Whatever time they get, they should devote to studies,” Rawat said.

Government starts to map your online shopping habits
The Army, along with the Center for Social Responsibility and Leadership (CSRL), is running a “Super 40” program in Jammu and Kashmir. Funded by PSU Petronet LNG Limited, the objective of the program is to train students in the state to help them eliminate the IIT entry test.

Thirty-five students were enrolled in this program. On them, 24 JEE networks unblocked and are eligible for a seat in the NIT.
Of the 24, nine have passed JEE Advanced, an entry test to get an IIT berth.

Who could not limit the entry of ITNs or IITs, passed the Jammu and Kashmir Common Entrance Test (CET) for engineering …….

Life on Red Planet

Life on Red Planet

Life on Red Planet

NASA scientists at Mars Curiosity found that Gale Crater had good physical and chemical life conditions of 700 million years – and part of that history housed a lake that could accommodate a wide variety of microbial life.

The results, published last week in the journal Science, documented a sustainable Martian environment that had the potential to house a wide variety of living things.
“This helps expand our understanding of what a habitable environment was on Mars, there are 3 1/2 billion years,” said author Joel Hurowitz, a geochemist at Stony Brook University.

Since its landing at Gale Crater in 2012, Curiosity has drilled X-rays and has launched a variety of rocks in the quest to understand if the red planet – a world that began as ours – could have been hospitable to life.

Using his instruments at the forefront of technology, the mission of curiosity led to Mount Sharp, the 3000 mound in the middle of the crater. There would rise its slopes, reading each layer of sedimentary rock as a chapter of the geological history of Mars.

In his journey, curiosity has discovered evidence of water in the past and the right chemical ingredients for life; Recent studies have revealed that Gale Crater was once filled with a series of lakes that may have come up and down over time.

But how does this ancient body of water?

In this new study, scientists have gathered evidence from several locations along the route to Mount Sharp, including six samples of perforated rocks from very different ancient environments.

The results revealed a wealth of life ingredients as we know it, including organic compounds of carbon, nitrogen and phosphate minerals, and iron and sulfur minerals in different redox states.

“Our analysis of these rocks indicates that gradients in the oxidation state of lake water were present in the primary lake environment,” the study authors wrote. “Overall, these results provide compelling evidence that the physical, chemical, and energy conditions necessary to establish a habitable environment were present on Mars between 3.8 and 3.1 (a billion years ago).”

Scientists also noticed a strange pattern in an extended rock layer. There were many areas where thick sediments were quickly dumped – marking the shallow water where the water empties into the lake from a stream or river that have left much of its heavy material.

There were also areas where both sediment had been gradually litter litter – closer to the center of the lake and near the mouth of the river.
Here’s the weird part: Chemically speaking, the minerals in the shallower parts of the lake appear to have been exposed to more oxygen, while the minerals in the deeper areas had none.

It seems that the waters of Lake Gale have, at least for part of their history, differentiated into an oxygen-rich layer of the surface layer and one that is poor in oxygen in its depths. It is very similar to lakes of the Earth, that also differ of the same way.

“It’s this relationship between mineralogy and the thickness of sediment layers that allows us to connect the dots,” said Ashwin Vasavada, co-author of the study, the project scientist for the mission at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

This complex lake could have lasted hundreds of thousands of years to 10 million years, Hurowitz said. Like lakes on the earth, which from Gale Crater could accommodate several microorganisms, including some preferred oxygenated waters near the surface, others prefer the deeper anoxic waters and those they loved exit at the interface between the two.

During this period, scientists also found that Mars appeared to move from a cooler, drier environment to warm and humid. In addition, their layered sedimentary records were changed to what appears to be salty liquid.

Studying these rocks could help scientists understand the final drying of Mars, while their water escaped from space, leaving the salts behind.