Choose books, laptops to end violence: Army chief to Kashmiri students

Choose books, laptops to end violence: Army chief to Kashmiri students

Choose books, laptops to end violence: Army chief to Kashmiri students

NEW DELHI: Stressing that the generations were destroyed due to unrest in Jammu and Kashmir, army general, General Bipin Rawat, on Tuesday urged students to the state to choose laptops and books To help stop the cycle of violence.

Speaking to a group of Kashmir students who were supported by the army and cleared the IIT entrance examination, he stated that their success was not an easy feat and that they Have become a brilliant example for the young people of the valley.

Referring to his stadiums in Jammu and Kashmir, which recently saw a growing incident of stone bites, Rawat said his first publication in the state was in 1981-182 when the “situation was good”.

The situation began to deteriorate during its second publication between 1991 and 1993, said the army chief, noting that he also had periods of J-K from 2006 to 2008, then from 2010 to 12 pm.

“I saw the situation. How many generations will they see these shots and smoke explosives?” He asked.
“Generations have been destroyed because of this. The fear that has entered the minds of the people of Kashmir and the youth … a militant or the security forces will come
“So you have militants on one side and security forces on the other, how long we are going to stay in this atmosphere, we have to put an end to it, we want peace to be restored there and We accomplish our daily work without any problems, “Rawat said.

He also said that the recent fate of the troubles has led to a decline in tourism in the valley.
“Kashmir is paradise, we still have to bring it to that level that was before, the world is gathering to see the valley, but people can not come because of the tension,” he said.

He also asked students to return to their roots after completing their studies and helped in the development of the state to alleviate the difficulties encountered by people.

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“They (young people) should have a laptop or a book. Whatever time they get, they should devote to studies,” Rawat said.

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The Army, along with the Center for Social Responsibility and Leadership (CSRL), is running a “Super 40” program in Jammu and Kashmir. Funded by PSU Petronet LNG Limited, the objective of the program is to train students in the state to help them eliminate the IIT entry test.

Thirty-five students were enrolled in this program. On them, 24 JEE networks unblocked and are eligible for a seat in the NIT.
Of the 24, nine have passed JEE Advanced, an entry test to get an IIT berth.

Who could not limit the entry of ITNs or IITs, passed the Jammu and Kashmir Common Entrance Test (CET) for engineering …….