As Congress Takes On Government, Rahul Gandhi's Headed Abroad

As Congress Takes On Government, Rahul Gandhi’s Headed Abroad

Rahul Gandhi says he is going to Italy to meet his grandmother
His mother runs the opposition strategy for presidential elections
He visited India between breaks, says BJP

Congressional Vice President Rahul Gandhi has announced on Twitter that he went to Italy to visit his grandmother, dropping the time of his trip, although the BJP in power, claiming that M. Gandhi lack of commitment to the policy, said he was not surprised.

“Rahul Gandhi is visiting India during his holidays abroad,” said BJP spokesman GVL Narasimha Rao.

Congress said the controversy is not necessary. “Rahul goes to Italy to visit his 93-year-old grandmother, to see what it was like. We strongly criticize those who try to politicize this,” said spokesman RS Surjewala. Politically, this is not a quiet season.

The death of five Madhya Pradesh farmers – fired by police during a protest for debt relief and better prices for their products – has become a major political controversy. M. Gandhi, who is 47 years old on his trip on 19 July, was briefly detained when he tried to visit the families of the dead farmers in the Mandsaur area.

Opposition parties such as the said the tragedy exposes the lack of interest of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his party, the BJP, while providing relief to farmers who deform rural anguish.
M. Gandhi also out of the country, while his mother, congressional leader Sonia Gandhi, heads the efforts to rally the opposition against the election of the President of India, scheduled for next month.

Tomorrow the opposition leaders will meet in New Delhi to discuss their strategy. Although the opposition has said that this could be a single candidate against the government’s decision, leaders said they expect the government to share the name of their candidate.

BJP leader Amit Shah has created a committee of three high-level ministers to speak with party allies – and the opposition – a suitable replacement for President Pranab Mukherjee, whose term expires on July 24.

The government, with the support of regional parties such as Telangana TRS, has enough votes to win an election if it can not reach an agreement with the opposition on the new occupant of Rashtrapati Bhavan.

Even if the opposition is aware that it is redundant, she believes the choice will allow her the opportunity to measure how they can work together. Opposition heavyweights like Nitish Kumar agreed that it would take a large collection of pieces to block PM Modi a second term given his current popularity.

The election of the president, if necessary, will be held on July 17; The counting will take place three days later, on the 20th.

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