Panneerselvam will come back to our fold soon, hopes Dhinakaran

Panneerselvam will come back to our fold soon, hopes Dhinakaran

Or by calling his senior brother panneerselvam, deputy secretary general of the AIADMK (Amma) faction, TTV Dhinakaran, expressed hope that the former chief minister of Tamil Nadu will soon return to his faction.

Speaking of Hindu Dhinakaran expressed hope that panneerselvam reconsider their views on the unification of the two factions and claimed that 90 percent. 100 of the party and its officials were with their function.

“I am sure he will reverse his position and come back soon.I have great respect for Annan (big brother) OPS and he is my friend too.I am sure he will be back soon.No 90% of the parties and their officials They are with us, “said Dhinakaran The Hindu.

The declaration of Dhinakaran produced a day after panneerselvam has dissolved the seven-member committee that was formed to hold merger talks with AIADMK rival faction led by Tamil Nadu CM Edappadi K. Palaniswami.

The olive branch Dhinakaran O panneerselvam is important as it is attributed to identify and promote panneerselvam in the AIADMK.

He added that, since things do not move smoothly in the direction of the unification of the two groups, it is now their responsibility to close.

“Things are worse than … now it is my responsibility to ensure that the factions are united. I met the secretary general of the Sasikala Bangalore party (the central prison) on June 4 and I said that I would actively work for the Merger after 60 days. She agrees with my point of view, “said Dhinakaran.

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