Ring may be best known for its video timbres, but they have become a true home security solution. Ring today announced Ring Protect, a DIY security system that brings together all of the company’s products in one system.

The basic ring protection package starts at $ 199 and includes a base station, keypad, contact sensor (for a window or door), a motion sensor and a range amplifier. It can be assumed that you will be able to buy more sensors and keyboards to add to your system, but Ring does not yet have them available for pre-order.

The Ring Protect is designed to work with existing ring tones and security cameras for a perfect home security experience. It is $ 10 per month (or $ 100 per year) for video storage in the cloud for an unlimited number of ring devices plus 24/7 professional monitoring and cell phone support have the Base Station Protected). This is not a bad deal, especially if you already have Ring devices.

The Ring Protect package is available for preordered today at Ring.com, BestBuy.com and HomeDepot.com. It will be available for purchase at Home Depot and Best Buy stores later in October.

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