Jupiter is the oldest planet in solar system: study

Jupiter is the oldest planet in solar system: study

Jupiter is the oldest planet in solar system: study

Washington, June 14 (PTI) Jupiter – the largest planet in our solar system – is also the oldest, according to scientists who have found that the gas giant was formed four million years after solar formation.

Knowing the age of Jupiter is essential for understanding how the solar system became its current architecture. Although the models predict that Jupiter was formed relatively early, so far, the formation has never been closed.

“We did not get to test Jupiter (unlike other bodies like Earth, Mars, Moon and Asteroids),” said Thomas Kruijer, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) in the US.

“In our study, we used the isotopic signatures of meteorites (derived from asteroids) to infer the age of Jupiter,” said Kruijer, lead author of the study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Looking for isotopes of tungsten and molybdenum in iron meteorites, scientists have found that meteorites consist of two genetically distinct nebulous tanks that coexisted but remained separated between one million and three to four million years after the formation of the solar system.

“The most plausible mechanism for efficient separation is the formation of Jupiter, opening a space in the disk and preventing the exchange of materials between the two tanks,” said Kruijer.

“Jupiter is the oldest planet in the solar system, and its solid core formed well before the gas in the solar nebula dissipates, according to the base accumulation model for the formation of the giant planet” has, he said.

Jupiter is the most massive planet in the solar system and its presence has had a huge effect on the dynamics of solar disk acceleration.

Scientists have shown, through analysis of meteorite isotopes, formed the solid core of Jupiters only about a million years after the beginning of the history of the solar system, making it the oldest planet.

Thanks to its rapid formation, Jupiter acts as an effective barrier against the inward transport of the material through the disc, which could explain why our solar system lacks super-Earths (an extrasolar planet with a mass of earth).

The team found that the Jupiter nucleus increased to about 20 times the Earth’s mass in a million years, followed by a more prolonged growth to 50 times the Earth’s mass until at least 3-4 million years after formation. Solar system.

Early theories propose that gaseous giant planets such as Jupiter and Saturn imply high growth solid nuclei of about 10 to 20 times the Earth’s mass, followed by the accumulation of gas in these nuclei.

So the bottom line is that gas-generating nuclei must be formed before the dissipation of the solar nebula – the circum-gaseous disk surrounding the young sun – that probably occurred between 1 million years and 10 million years after Formation of the solar system.

“They were able to satisfy many Jupiter specifically in a million years using isotopic signatures of meteorites,” the researchers said.

Although this rapid acceleration of the cores was modeled, it was not possible to leave its formation.

“Our measurements show that the growth of Jupiter can be dated with time of genetic formation and meteorites separately,” said Kruijer.

Nasa reveals 12 new apprentice astronauts for 2017

Nasa reveals 12 new apprentice astronauts for 2017

Nasa reveals 12 new apprentice astronauts for 2017

In front of the big thieves who have exceeded the record number of competitors to choose the new NASA learning astronauts.

The seven men and five women have seen nearly 18 300 other candidates to gain a place in the space of the two-year elite training program.

Lot 2017 includes the former employees of SpaceX, a marine biologist and several highly decorated military personnel, who all responded to NASA’s call for candidacy in December 2015.

US Vice President Mike Pence received them during a welcoming ceremony at the Johnson Space Center in Houston.

“You are the 12 who have passed, you have joined the elite, you are the best of us,” he said.

What should you present?

NASA has strict rules if you want to do a job out of this world. pot
You need a degree in engineering, biological sciences, physical sciences, computer science or math to begin with.

To this is added the three-year professional experience with at least 1000 or “time captain pilot” in a jet.

But an additional teaching experience of master’s or doctorate or equivalent can substitute for professional experience as it is in science, engineering or mathematics.

Mental ability must be compatible with a natural ability to pass NASA’s physical astronaut long-term, with a 20/20 vision (although the glasses are acceptable to achieve it).

He must also respect the anthropometric “requirements” for the spaceship suit and space, which looks like a height between 5’2 “and 6’2”.

And finally, despite all of the above, you can not earn a seat in the course, unless you have an American passport, even though both citizens can apply.

How does NASA decide to take?

After going through the applications reduce the field, the selected candidates are invited to a job interview a week.

The exam includes personal interviews, medical exams, and orientation tests as part of the final score.

Did you reach your goal?

2017 includes an Antarctic icebreaker (Robb Kulin), Assistant Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Warren Hoburg) and former US Rugby Sevens (Jessica Watkins) team.
Raja Chari is one of a series of experienced drivers, accumulating more than 2,000 hours in combat missions in Iraq and deployments in Korea.

Other great votes include Matthew Dominick, a star of the United States Naval Test Pilot School who flew over 60 combat missions, and Jasmin Moghbeli, born in Germany, but led the breeders, who flew 150 missions to fight.

Other candidates include Kayla Barron, who holds a Master’s in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Cambridge and Frank Rubio, who has more than satisfied the demand for excellence skills and scientific pilot.

The family doctor and former decorated platoon leader took Blackhawk helicopters for the United States Army in Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq.

What will the astronaut candidates be like now?

The dozen candidates will receive two years of training and assessment to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to prepare a formal test flight and training mission.

This includes:

Diving training for practicing astronauts is trained in military survival water.
The training systems of the International Space Station
Extravehicular skills
Training in robotic skills
Language training Russian
Training in preparation for the flight of the airplane.
Those who complete the training with the required standard will become permanent federal employees, while those who are not will be crowned alternative roles considered within NASA.

Have enough evidence to prove my innocence: Vijay Mallya

Have enough evidence to prove my innocence: Vijay Mallya

Have enough evidence to prove my innocence: Vijay Mallya

NEW DELHI: Abscuing Delinquent Loan Vijay Mallya Tuesday remained defiant and dismissed all charges against him falsely upon his arrival in a London court for an extradition hearing.

“I deny all the accusations against me. I have not lost on the court, I do not have enough evidence to prove that I am not guilty,” Mallya told reporters outside the Westminster Magistrates Court in London.

The former chief of Kingfisher Airlines, 61, sought in connection with a mortgage loan of Rs 9 billion rupees cases, appeared for his extradition cases because of a formal request made by India on February 8 this year.

Tuesday’s hearing was called “case handling hearing” in which the judge set a timetable to hear arguments against and against Mallya’s extradition. The court agreed to the Baron liquor release until December 4 and sets July 6 for the next hearing date for the case.

After leaving the court, Mallya said that it was her legal obligation to be there and that she would submit her request to the competent body. When asked about the “billion pounds” (roughly Rs 9 billion rupees), who was accused of outbreak, replied the businessman, “You can continue to dream about billion pounds do not know the facts, not Ask irrelevant questions. ”

Mallya has been in the United Kingdom since March 2016 and was arrested by Scotland Yard in an extradition order on 18 April. He was released on bail after providing promptly worth £ 650,000 and guarantying the court to respect all the conditions associated with the extradition procedure, such as handing over his passport and banning possession of travel documents.

A first hearing date for case management on May 17 has been postponed to June 13
The UK Department of Public Prosecution (SPC) will bring the case before the courts on behalf of the Indian authorities. A CBI official was also invited from Delhi for the hearing.

Mallya’s advocacy team is run by Joseph Hague Aaronson LLP. Clare Montgomery, a specialist in criminal law, regulations and fraud, was asked to testify in court on his behalf.

India and the United Kingdom have an extradition treaty, signed in 1992, but so far only an extradition were carried out as part of the provision – Samirbhai Vinubhai Patel, who was sent to India October to be tried in the context of Their participation in the post-Godhra riots of 2002

Jupiter Is a Swole Grandpa

Jupiter Is a Swole Grandpa

Jupiter Is a Swole Grandpa

Of the eight planets in our solar system, Jupiter is undoubtedly the most swole. It is high, with a radius of 43,440 miles (69,911 km). There is also a rage problem because the evolving planet storms are notoriously chaotic.

While Jewish history has always been a little mysterious, a new study suggests that the strange world was very large very quickly and this is not the case for the destruction of overwhelming proteins.

In general, astronomers have used models to estimate the age of Jupiter say it began to form about 10 million years after the birth of the solar system.

However, after analyzing the isotopic composition of 19 meteorites, scientists at the University of Münster and Lawrence Livermore National Lab in California say that the solid nucleus of Jupiter began to form much earlier: about a million years after the dawn of the solar system .

For context, the solar system is about 4.5 billion years old, so Jupiter has a long history – undoubtedly the longest of all planets in our neighborhood. The research team was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

According to researchers, the material in meteorites back to their nebulae two separate tanks. Although these deposits and coexist between 3-4 million years after the formation of the solar system, they are spatially separated.

The team suggests that this is due to the formation of Jupiter, which was already as big as hell, even at the time. Estimates of the equipment, about a million years after the birth of the solar system, the core of Jupiter was swollen to about 20 times the mass of the Earth.
“The most likely mechanism for efficient separation is the formation of Jupiter, opening a disk space (of a gas and dust grading plan) and preventing the exchange of materials between the two reservoirs,” Thomas Kruijer, lead author of the study , it’s a statement.

“Jupiter is the oldest planet in the solar system, and its solid core formed well before the gas in the solar nebula dissipates, compatible with the basic accumulation model for the formation of the giant planet.”

Estimating the age of Jupiter can help fill the gaps in the original history of our solar system. Our great and mysterious grandfather planet has much to teach us about ourselves, and that is just the beginning.

Jupiter Has Been Declared The Most Ancient Planet in The Solar System

Jupiter Has Been Declared The Most Ancient Planet in The Solar System

Jupiter Has Been Declared The Most Ancient Planet in The Solar System

Jupiter formed in a geological blink. Its rocky nucleus met less than a million years after the beginning of our solar system, scientists said Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. In another 2 or 3 million years, this nucleus was 50 times the mass of the Earth.

Scientists have built computer models of the birth of Jupiter. But this study “is the first time we can say something about Jupiter-based measurements in the laboratory,” said study author Thomas Kruijer, a researcher at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California.
To probe the creation of the planet, the experts sampled extraterrestrial material that happens to land on Earth – ancient meteorites.

Our solar system began as a disk of dust and gas that is 4.6 billion years old. Among the planets, gaseous giants are first arrived, followed by such terrestrial worlds of rock and metal as Earth. Jupiter is the largest spawn.

Although most bulk gas is more than 300 times the mass of the Earth. For this reason, astronomers suspect that the planet was the oldest, it is able to extract more material from the disk before its younger brothers and sisters have appeared.

The new study supports the idea of a first-born Jupiter. When Jupiter was formed, planet growth swept a large area of gas and dust as it passed around the sun.

In addition, it acted as a barrier to protect the interior of the solar system capable of meteorites. When the solar system was about 1 million years old, Jupiter’s gravity was strong enough to prevent the rocks from crossing its orbit, as the club’s gorilla forcing stragglers to wait on the sidewalk.

“In about 1 million years, Jupiter has become large enough to cut the interior of the solar system into the outer solar system,” said Brandon Johnson, a planetary scientist at Brown University, who did not participate in the New research.
Then, when the solar system is about 4 million years old, Jupiter has increased to about 50 times the Earth mass and headed towards the sun. This reduced the gorilla velvet rope, allowing outer asteroids to blend with the inner rocks.

Today, they merge into a belt between Mars and Jupiter. Rocks of this earth mix on Earth, where scientists can study as Kruijer.

The new study adds evidence to the idea that Jupiter has temporarily divided the population of meteorites into the solar system in which they exist between Jupiter and the Sun and those beyond Jupiter.

If a couple of rocks from the interior and exterior landed in your front yard and picked them up after cooling and the dust settled down, you can not detect a difference.

But Kruijer and his colleagues can measure specific chemical signals in meteorites – revealing not only the age of the rocks, but what are the two groups to which they belonged.

It is only recently that advances in technology have allowed scientists to gauge the differences between the two, said Kruijer.
Meteorite groups separated about 1 million years after the formation of the solar system, and have gone until about 4 million years after the formation, according to a new analysis. Fundamentally, the two populations existed simultaneously for a few million years.

“It can not be a change of time. There must be a spatial separation,” Kruijer said.

Something must have separated. The most likely cause, according to the study’s authors, is a young Jupiter. “It’s hard to think of any other possibility,” he said.

“This is an interesting work and presents an interesting result, which corresponds to our current understanding,” said Konstantin Batygin, a planetary astrophysicist at the California Institute of Technology, who did not participate in the research. “This information can be provided.”

‘Mubarakan’ film review: One Anil Kapoor is more fun than the sum of two Arjun Kapoors

A lot of players are paid holiday to London for Anees Bazmee’s Mubarakan, but only two of them really deserve the holidays. One of them is Anil Kapoor, who has the air more ugly and enthusiastic than half of the mold and completely comfortable with brazen comedy, noisy errors and sometimes amusing ones that is known Bazmee.

The other is Pavan Malhotra, crying so loudly in each scene that you can certainly hear in space, but that deserves your holiday anyway, as it really is too good for this schtick.

The rest of the gathers cast and dispersed when needed, on demand draw faces and try to follow the spins that evoke writers Mubarakan at every turn because the production someone thought it was wise to have a length of 156 minutes movie about mixed identities.

There is enough material here for a crunchy comedy about the twins who are engaged to each other after a series of tortured events. Identical twins Karan and Charan (Arjun Kapoor) are raised by different family members after the death of their parents in an accident.

His uncle Kartar Singh (Anil Kapoor) causes additional damage when it comes to ensuring that Karan wins his girlfriend Sweety (Ileana D’Cruz), while Charan is married to Nafisa (Neha Sharma). When Charan falls for Binkle (Athiya Shetty), who are supposed to be engaged to Karan, Kartar has his work cut out for him.

There is little to distinguish the twins apart from the fact that one wears a turban like the Sikh faith and the other does not. Arjun Kapoor, which shows that the old Indian said “nepotism rocks”, ébavouille in each of their scenes.

She is accompanied in her incompetence by Shetty and D’Cruz, and compared to them, Anil Kapoor resembles a thessien loan from the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Some scenes work better than others, especially the suggestion that Kartar Singh has created a mini-Punjab, in London, to the sunflower fields.

There is also a British excerpt played by a manager of Jolly Punjabi-speaking house of Kartar Singh, who makes you laugh. It is good to have Jolly learned the language that is Hindi Bollywood – this movie is actually in Punjabi, Hindi with discarded.

The film could have worked if it was a non-stop comedy from beginning to end, but Bazmee made the mistake of trying to introduce sentimental scenes of family ties and distant siblings. Anil Kapoor’s energy is almost infectious, but it does not spread far enough.

Narendra Modi in US: In dealing with a fickle Donald Trump, focus must be on building personal bond

Narendra Modi in US: In dealing with a fickle Donald Trump, focus must be on building personal bond

Narendra Modi in US: In dealing with a fickle Donald Trump, focus must be on building personal bond

It is interesting to note that Donald Trump will host Narendra Modi at his first in-person meeting on June 26 at the White House; it is not Mar-a-Lago’s favorite refuge by the President of the United States, where he stayed with El President of China, Xi Jinping, and Japanese Minister Shinzo Abe.

Do what speculation is, the heat of Florida? Or are they offered to the White House as part of a more vivid discussion between two leaders they’ve never seen before? Do we conclude that Trump “negotiator” is ready to see what Modi has to offer, but we do not want to devote more or share a sticky chocolate cake like he did with Xi?

The problem is that Trump is not safe.

As far as we know, at the first sight of Modi, you can get rid of the handshake by a bear hug and focus on a closer relationship based on “personal chemistry.” If there is one predictable thing about Trump is that it is unpredictable. During the election campaign, we were promised a “friend” from India to the White House. What has instead been a revisionist leader who has deceived us into the Paris agreement and threatened to launch skilled Indian workers.
The synergy between New Delhi and Washington is the result of decades of concerted efforts and significant personal investment leaders on both sides. The distance between mutual mistrust of the Cold War and the closure of a civil nuclear agreement or a military logistics agreement was not covered in one day. And with Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Narasimha Rao and Manmohan Singh, credit should also go to Modi to lose the “history of doubt.”

However, as indicated by the director of Carnegie India, C. Raja Mohan in The Indian Express, “Having brought India its defensive shell, Modi now realizes that he must face a United States withdrawing one Traditional accessories framing India and the United States over the past two decades – including those in shared democratic values ​​and a common interest in Asia’s economic balance – no longer provide effective guidance for ‘Trump era’.

To ensure continuity of the relationship in dealing with an innocent head of history, insensitive about alliances, he suffers from a disruption of attention, rather than personal relationships above national and geopolitical considerations and seems to be totally incompetent to The work was chosen Doi, Modi may have to revise his strategy.

Unlike his recent tour of Europe and Russia, Modi can not rely on strengthening ties between India and the United States in the broader context of shared democratic values, interests and mutual concerns. It faces the challenge of ensuring the continuity of bilateral relations in the narrow paradigm of personal equations strategic interests mutual dense enough distillation established by the hands of experienced foreign policy.

To understand how it works, just look at the dynamics of geopolitics in just over thirty days Trump take the White House. NATO allies for a long time, strategic and business partners have stopped smoking or are confused.

Trump also accused Saudi Arabia of funding global terrorism and suggested that House of Saud was responsible for the Sept. 11 attacks. Following Washington Postpoints while discussing essays in the September 11 Commission report with Fox News last April, Trump said: “It will be very profound to do with Saudi Arabia and the role of Saudi Arabia in the World Trade Center and the attack “.

Its vis-a-antagonism in Saudi Arabia dates back to 1987 when it bombarded nearly $ 100,000 to place an ad in major newspapers, accusing them, among others, of aspiring to the United States and requesting that these countries “pay the United States for life And a billion dollars we have lost to protect their interests. “

Record Shark Tank investment sparks Australian coffee pod wars

Record Shark Tank investment sparks Australian coffee pod wars

Record Shark Tank investment sparks Australian coffee pod wars

The Tuesday night episode, Kane Bodiam, 36, has reached an agreement of 2.5 million for a 22.5 percent of his iCapsulate coffee company.

One of the exhibition judges and entrepreneur Andrew Banks has accepted the agreement after hearing a two-hour presentation at the company that claims to produce the first biodegradable coffee capsules Australia.

But the rest of the Australian coffee tableware industry opposed the iCapsulate boss, effectively saying that Mr. Bodiam jumped the shark.

In a joint letter, the leaders of the three largest Nespresso-compatible capsule makers in Australia have questioned statements made by Mr. Bodiam in the program.

The Director of Mad Coffee Caps Charlie Stillisano, CoffeeCaps Director Tony Rubenstein and Director of Podpac Toby Strong, also suggested that Network Ten could not do due diligence in the business of M. Bodiam.

“We think Kane made very questionable statements during Episode 3, and they deserve to know the facts,” they said.

His main concern centers on Mr. Bodiam’s request in the episode where he has entered into contracts with “the largest coffee companies in Australia and New Zealand.”
At the request of the potential investor, Naomi Simson, if “the main brands of coffee we know?” Mr. Bodiam replied “yes”.

“Our industry is small here in Australia with only four major manufacturers: Mad Coffee Capsules, CoffeeCaps, Podpac and iCapsulate.” The four of us have made significant investments in millions of dollars, but only three of us managed to win important contracts, Says the letter.
“Strange is Kane Bodiam from iCapsulate.”

Nespresso compatible brands currently available from Coles and Woolworths Woolworths include private label, private label Coles, Vittoria, grinders, Republic, Pod-a-licious, gold, Lavazza Café Royal.

However, according to the letter, none of them are manufactured by iCapsulate.
“In fact, we are not aware of a major retailer in Australia where a customer can buy iCapsulate packaged coffee capsules,” they wrote.

“What we are most concerned about is the apparent lack of due diligence performed by Shark Tank Australia before Andrew Banks reaches the largest case in Australia’s shark tank in history. We are led to believe that these are better Australian entrepreneurs, then they are surprised That can be so easy to convince.

“In our view, Andrew Banks was caught hook, line and platinum.”
The heads of three companies – in direct competition with iCapsulate – said the letter was motivated by the desire to ensure that “our industry is represented in the most professional manner.”

A spokesman for Endemol Shine Australia, the production company that produces Shark Tank, told news.com.au that “it performs a thorough inspection before our entrepreneurs enter the tank, and after the program, our sharks manage full checks Before checking to be finalized “.

The spokesman could not comment on the agreement between banks and Andrew Kane Bodiam was finalized.

Although the success of Shark Tank has the potential of Mr. Bodiam a family name and take his business to the next level, remains to see how iCapsulate benefit the capacity of the 2.5 million Banks and vision for business, provided That the agreement was approved.


Onus on Australia to take diplomatic initiative in protecting Antarctica

Onus on Australia to take diplomatic initiative in protecting Antarctica

Onus on Australia to take diplomatic initiative in protecting Antarctica

Onus on Australia to take diplomatic initiative in protecting Antarctica

Shortly before World Ocean Day and a special UN meeting to address the threats facing the oceans, US President Donald Trump announced that the country was withdrawing from the Paris agreement.

Here in Australia, there was a bipartisan welcome to take on the supposed commitment Malcolm Turnbull uphold Australia’s involvement in this very important environmental pact.

But Australia’s environmental diplomacy must be more than defense. Speaking about the commitment of French President Emmanuel Macron to “revive the planet” by a certain direction in the climatic action, Australia should also go to the front of the foot.

And where you can make a great contribution is in your own backyard – Antarctica and the Southern Ocean.

Antarctica and its surrounding seas are experiencing deep physical and ecological pressure due to climate change and ocean acidification.

Last week, scientists reported a major melting event on the surface of the Ross ice shelf in 2016 over an area of ​​800,000 km2, larger than Texas.

Aerial images of the division on the Larsen C ice shelf taken at the beginning of the year.
Antarctic ice shelves also then melt and begin to break and disintegrate.

The Larsen C ice shelf, a significant extension of the West Antarctic ice sheet, is the latest to show startling signs of collapse, with great failure to quickly “undo” most of the front ice shelf. The breeding of the platform is only a matter of time.

States that manage Antarctica and the Southern Ocean have powerful tools at hand to give them the best possible ecosystems opportunity to adapt to ongoing physical changes in Antarctica while governments worldwide are facing the climate crisis.

These tools include marine protected areas, where they are prohibited or restricted to protect ecosystems and fishing species. Science is clear that marine reserves can mitigate climate change and help ecosystems adapt to changes in temperature, chemistry and water movement.

AMP will help strengthen ecosystem resilience, provide shelters for marine species and can also protect carbon deposits or wells (‘blue carbon’).

In 2016, a stagnation of more than five years was broken when the AMP in the Ross Sea, the largest marine reserve in the world, was created by the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Antarctic Marine Life.

CCAMLR is the international body established under the Antarctic Treaty system with a specific mandate to protect the ecosystem of the Southern Ocean.

Australia is right, a world leader in protecting the reputation of the Antarctic environment. However, our country needs to intensify its diplomacy, especially if it is to obtain the designation of the representative system for the marine protected areas of Eastern Antarctica, a joint initiative of Australia, France and the European Union.

The proposal was developed in 2010 on the basis of extensive scientific research. But since then, it has gained no consensus within CCAMLR. Successive revisions were made to the proposal to be acceptable to the parties to CCAMLR.

The MPA of Eastern Antarctica is already smaller than initially proposed, including three zones instead of seven. Also continue to deal, is the strength of the protections in the MPA.

Saints and Tigers in Maddie's Match, Eels shake the Storm, and more: Australia sportwatch – live!

Saints and Tigers in Maddie’s Match, Eels shake the Storm, and more: Australia sportwatch – live!


Summary today

And that, as they say when they are very obvious, right? We started the day with the Hawks, climbing a tie with the Greater Western Sydney after losing 13 points with just minutes to go.

It’s unlikely, fun, really stupid. This design goal was one of the most dangerous, most unlikely, accidental scores. But there he was. Two draws in two weeks for GWS, after last week with Geelong, something no club has achieved since Carlton in 1921.

That was the closest things are going to spend the day in the AFL. Essendon comfortably prevailed in Collingwood, Sydney broke the Gold Coast, St Kilda broke Richmond, Geelong broke the lions.

The rugby union gave us our other draw, with others sharing the Lions game and the series with the All Blacks. Awesome them. While in the rugby league, the Panthers and Sea Eagles had a fairly tight game, while the eels have sealed a victory over the storm.

The storm is still a clear game at the top, however, and a clear Manly fourth game. Eels make it to the seventh, the Panthers are a game in the eighth.

In the AFL, the swans are up to seventh position, but the west coast or Melbourne could repel. Richmond remains fourth, fifth St Kilda as a percentage – Saints do not have enough earned enough to drop this deficit.

But it is at 1.3%. Puerto could also skip both sides with a win tomorrow. Geelong is a game and a third clear half, passing the first two by two points. But they passed Hawthorn next week. Brisbane is still past.

We will return tomorrow, another in the afternoon when exercising too much sport is barely adequate. And now, goodbye.
Geelong has reached the highest score of the season with the last goal, and would have appreciated the starting stroke. A bit like Gold Coast to Sydney, lions grabbed there during the first quarter, but could not keep up the pace once the foot was broken.

Hawkins hit 4 while Parsons Blicavs and Danger all have launched 3. Mitch Duncan also had 38 Stats and have had 3 Brownlow votes if his partner was not stolen. Lachie Henderson had 27 rebounds off the defense.

For the lions, Zorko nailed four goals and 36 keys, Bastinac 3 goals.

The closing image of the night is presided over by Tom Lonergan after his 200th game, with Duncan for his 150th.

Goals for Dangerfield! Yes, in the plural. Take two in the last two minutes to finish the night with three to his name. He moves forward to mark the passage of Buzza, then returns to Mark instead of Mackie. The launch of both. Goals, not teammates.