Man who held hostages at Atlanta-area bank killed, police say

Man who held hostages at Atlanta-area bank killed, police say

Man who held hostages at Atlanta-area bank killed, police say

Atlanta (CNN) – A man who said he had a bomb when he held two hostages at a bank in the Atlanta area was killed, authorities announced Friday.

The Georgia Office of Investigation identified the suspect as Brian Easley, 33.

Easley had entered the Wells Fargo bank branch near Marietta and told the negotiators by telephone that he had a bomb in a backpack, said Michael Registrar, the Cobb County Chief of Police.

He did not try to rob the bank, said Registry, but claims that he is a military veteran and wanted complaints with “military entities”. Registry did not specify the complaints.
Clients were allowed out but Easley selected two employees as hostages, public information officer D. L., Pierce said.

WAGA reported that a SWAT armored vehicle drove to the bank gate around noon and agents entered and released the hostages. Around 10 shots were heard after the hostages escaped, WAGA said.

Pierce has characterized human death as a shot involving an officer.
“(The death of the suspect) is not something we want to happen, but unfortunately for the preservation of life, sometimes it becomes necessary,” he said.

After the man died, the backpack was taken to another place and destroyed. Police did not say if there was a bomb in the backpack.
Police were called to the area around 9:30 am by a man who has “made general threats,” said Cobb County Police spokeswoman Alicia Chilton. Registry said the man had complaints about “military entities”.

Easley said he had a bomb and said it was containing at least two people in the building, said FBI spokesman Steve Emmett. The man described his “bomb” to have enough explosive strength to give us a concern not only for the construction, but also for its surroundings, “said Registro.

Police arrived outside the bank, which is located on Windy Hill Road, northwest of Atlanta, and several nearby highways were closed.

Later, a man claiming to be the abductor calls affiliate WSB-TV CNN.
He went to one of the stations editors missions for more than 30 minutes, saying he was a homeless veteran who completed two times in Iraq with a supply company and had no money to buy food, WSB said.

There were conflicting reports of how the incident ended.
Shortly after noon, Cobb County Police spokesman Pierce said all those who had been in the bank with the man were released unharmed.

The suspect remained inside, and police were trying to determine what was happening in the bank, Pierce said.
But Record said the police chief Friday before police had entered the building to try to save two hostages, which resulted in the death of the suspect.
“We felt it was an opportunity for the two hostages, and we certainly took advantage of this opportunity … depending on the danger that we think they were,” said Registro.

When Registrar announced the suspect’s death at around 1:45 pm ET, he said the nearby buildings were still blocked because investigators were trying to determine if there was a bomb in the bank.

A nearby restaurant Chick-fil-A was one of the establishments closed because of the situation in the bank, said the manager of Hailey Vines.

Podesta calls Trump ‘our whack job’ president in response to error-filled tweet

Podesta calls Trump ‘our whack job’ president in response to error-filled tweet

Podesta calls Trump ‘our whack job’ president in response to error-filled tweet

During a full day of meetings at Friday’s Group of 20 summit in Hamburg, President Trump dismissed one of his most curious final tweets: the claim that “everyone” was talking about the role of John Podesta, The former president of Hillary Clinton’s campaign in the Russian hacking e-mail scandal last year.

“Everyone here talks about why John Podesta refused to give the DNC server to the FBI and the CIA. Dishonorable,” Trump wrote, apparently referring mistakenly to a Democratic National Committee server containing pirated e-mails.

Podesta, who was taking a road trip across the country with his wife said Friday that he had discovered during a pit stop in West Virginia that the president was a jerk himself. He returned in kind on Twitter, calling Trump “our good job PEU” and telling him to “take care”.

The Trump tweet followed several more Friday when it counted meetings with world leaders at the G-20, and occurred just hours before the scheduled time to sit down with Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose intelligence officials from the United States said that interference from His country in last year’s election between Trump and Clinton.

Trump tweeted two parts of the e-mail scandal. The DNC hacked email server issued in July, while hacked the personal account of the Podesta was released later in the year by WikiLeaks.

Podesta has not held a position in the DNC, and was not in a position to exercise control over his e-mail. In any case, Podesta has cooperated fully with the FBI and other law enforcement authorities regarding piracy of their personal email.

It was not clear what Trump meant when he said that “everyone” at the G-20 summit was Podesta state and its alleged actions. Several White House officials did not respond Friday to the questions Trump spoke about himself.

Podesta, who previously served in the White Houses of Democratic presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, unleashed seven tweets Friday, including one that offered this advice to Trump: “Friend, get your head in the game representing the States. G-20 “.
Later in the day, after arriving in Kentucky, Podesta has submitted a comment to The Washington Post in which he wrote: “It had nothing to do with the Democratic National Committee. So there’s no DNC server to refuse To give me and never asked me one. ”

He also noted that “the CIA has no role in collecting information internally – in fact, it is banned. The CIA would never ask for a third to a DNC server.”

Shortly after his tweet on Podesta, Trump issued another saying: “I’m looking forward to all of today’s meetings with world leaders, including my meeting with Vladimir Poutine.

MP farmers’ stir: Congress leader Jyotiraditya Scindia arrested during protest

MP farmers’ stir: Congress leader Jyotiraditya Scindia arrested during protest

MP farmers’ stir: Congress leader Jyotiraditya Scindia arrested during protest

Police arrested Congress leader MP Guna Jyotiraditya Scindia and MP-Jhabua Ratlam, Kantilal Bhuria Tuesday afternoon for defying prohibitive orders in Ratlam on the day two other indebted farmers died in Madhya Pradesh.

After their arrest, the leaders were taken in a Vajra vehicle to the city of Jaora from the toll place where they were arrested and are about 15-20 kilometers away.

Previously, Scindia with Bhuria organized a sit-in at the toll place in the Ratlam district in the afternoon to drop their protest, while police did not allow him to move to Mandsaur – the heart of agitated farmers.

Many members of Congress have joined Scindia in spite of repeated news from the district administration asking them to disperse gradually as prohibition orders were in effect in the district.

Scindia left Indore tomorrow for Mandsaur where he wanted to meet family members of five farmers were killed in a police shooting and the family of another farmer who died of the wounds he had received in a police lathi charge.

The head of Congress gave a boost to Prime Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and ridiculed for his fast.

“Shivraj Singh Chouhan had said that he would not end his life until peace was restored in Madhya Pradesh. If the back to restored peace in the state has ended, why prohibitive ordinances under section 144 of the Code of Conduct? Criminal Procedure, “he asked to speak with the media.

“If peace is not still there, as indicated in Article 144, prohibition orders suggest when it was a quick drama,” he wondered.

Scindia said he would not go against prohibitive orders. That’s why I wanted to go it alone. But the administration has participated in hitlershahi. “They have a problem if I want to, but they have no problem if the CM goes there (Mandsaur) tomorrow,” he added.

In view of the traffic on the national road, Scindia left the road and settled in an agricultural field to continue his dharna, to avoid the annoyance for the people who travel by road before being stopped.

Prohibition orders are in force in the adjacent Mandsaur and Neemuch districts and in Ratlam. No political leader is allowed to visit Mandsaur. Last week, Congressional Vice President Rahul Gandhi was arrested in Nayagaon in Neemuch and could not be placed in Mandsaur.

Scindia, who also met with members of farm families who have been injured in clashes in Mandsaur and are admitted to a hospital in Indore, announced that he would observe a 72-hour Satyagrah Bhopal early Wednesday morning.

Meanwhile, even as the government struggled to contain the agrarian crisis, a 68-year-old farmer was hanged from a tree on his farm in the Hoshangabad district, police said.

Makhan Lal had taken a loan of Rs 7 lakh from local lenders and sold about 7 acres over the past two years to pay increasing interest.

“My father was very depressed about the loan repayment,” said his son Rakesh Lohwanshi.

Another hardened farmer debt of the Vidisha district, Hari Singh Jatav, died during treatment in Bhopal after taking pills to end his life there a few days ago, police said. Further details are expected.

The government refuses to acknowledge that the debt would have forced farmers to commit suicide.

In July 2016, Interior Minister Bhupendra Singh was awarded ghosts, not a loss of harvest or debt as a reason for the farmers’ death. His written response was in response to a question during the monsoon session of the state assembly.

But even if the government tries to contain the damage from the hustle and bustle of farmers, it plans another potential source of problems with state arms dealers moment, against the government’s decision to treat agricultural products below minimum lift price ( MSP) to farmers as a crime.

In protest against the government’s move, traders refused to buy farmers’ products at the border in several districts such as Sehore, Shajapur, Shivpuri, Narsinghpur, deepening the agricultural crisis.

Climate change may cause more rainfall in tropical areas: NASA

Climate change may cause more rainfall in tropical areas: NASA

Climate change may cause more rainfall in tropical areas: NASA

The amount of rainfall in tropical regions of the Earth increases significantly as the planet continues to heat up, new NASA study warns.

Most of the global climate models underestimate diminishes high clouds in the tropics seen in recent NASA observations, according to research conducted by the Hui Su Scientific Propulsion Laboratory at NASA’s manometer (JPL) in the United States.

Globally, precipitation is not only tied to the cloud at the disposal of the rain, but also the “energy balance” of the Earth – the energy coming from the Sun in relation to the outgoing thermal energy.

At high altitude tropical clouds trap heat in the atmosphere. If there are fewer of these clouds in the future, the tropical atmosphere will cool.

Judging from changes in clouds over the past few decades, it appears that the atmosphere would create fewer high clouds in response to surface warming.

This would also increase tropical rainfall, which will heat the air to balance the cooling of the large cloud retreat. The warmer air also seems contradictory rainfall – people are accustomed to rain cooling the air around them, do not let it get hot.

Several miles into the atmosphere, however, a different process prevails.
When water evaporates in vapor here on the surface of the Earth and rises in the atmosphere, it causes the thermal energy to evaporate.

In the cold high atmosphere, when water vapor condenses into liquid droplets or ice particles, it releases its heat and heats the atmosphere.

The reduction of high cloud cover is brought into context as a result of a global change in the large-scale airflow that occurs when the temperature of the Earth’s surface is warming.

These currents are called large-scale atmospheric general circulation, and they include a large zone of air centered upwards on the equator.

Observations over the past 30 to 40 years have shown that this area is gradually shrinking as the weather warms up, resulting in fewer high clouds. JPL researchers and four universities compared climate data from past decades with 23 simulations of climate models from the same era.

Climate modelers use backward simulations like this to see how their numerical models are able to reproduce observations.

For the data, the team used the thermal radiation coming out of the clouds NASA’s spatial comments and the Earth’s radiant energy system (CERES) and other satellite instruments and observations in the ground.

They found that most climate models underestimated increased rainfall in the rate for each degree of surface warming that has occurred in recent decades.

Theresa May to meet DUP leader Arlene Foster to secure minority government deal

Theresa May to meet DUP leader Arlene Foster to secure minority government deal

Theresa May to meet DUP leader Arlene Foster to secure minority government deal

British Prime Minister Theresa May will meet with the leader of the Democratic Unionist Northern Ireland (DUP) Arlene Foster to negotiate an agreement to form a minority government led by the Conservatives. It will be Foster’s headquarters to eliminate conditions of party support and have agreed to vote with the Conservatives in the House of Commons policies to obtain bills.

Mayo said the party, with 10 crucial deputies to constitute a majority in the House of Commons for the Conservatives will not have veto rights over key policies. The DUP should make a better economic deal for Northern Ireland, the central factor in any deal, officially termed “Trust and Supply Agreement.”

“We are entering the talks positively, we are mainly trade unionists and that is how we want to ensure unity. But we approach these talks with the national interest of the heart,” Foster said before the meeting.

Last night, May 1922 has faced members of the hard disk committee of the final part of his party amid a brewing rebellion over the net after his bet to call a General election that failed, leaving conservatives eight seats to the majority.

She would have apologized to conservative parliamentarians accepting personal responsibility for not having won an absolute victory and relinquishing the parliamentary majority she inherited when David Cameron became leader after Brexit referendum last year. “I get into this mess, and I’m going to leave,” May’s party MPs said.

Meanwhile, Parliamentary Affairs will start today as the House of Commons will elect a new president and the House of Lords will begin asserment. After attending a cabinet meeting, followed by his meeting with the head of the DUP at Downing Street in May since traveling to Paris to meet with French President Emmanuel Macron.

Joint plans will be announced from social media companies like Facebook, Twitter and Google if they fail to remove the extremist content from their websites.
“We are united in our utter condemnation of terrorism and our commitment to eliminate this evil,” May said before his visit.

The two leaders will hold bilateral dialogue to attend an international football match against France vs England.
Hopefully an ally of Macron before the official opening of the Brexit negotiations, which should take place next week. It is expected that the Brexit negotiations with the European Union (EU) to start on Monday, have been postponed until next week.

Bank Audit Audit of NPA with Special Reference to Prudential Norms

Advances constitute greatest amount in the total assets of a bank ’s balance sheet and therefore, audit of advances becomes the most important component of bank audit. case an advance account is classified as NPA (Non- Performing Asset), primary responsibility of making adequate provision for diminution in value of advance is that of the bank management and the statutory auditors. It is, therefore, imperative for the statutory auditors, to have thorough knowledge of the norms prescribed by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in Master Circular – ’Prudential norms on Income Recognition, Asset Classification and Provisioning pertaining to Advances (IRAC Norms). The author in this article explains those aspects of the Master Circular regarding NPAs which are most relevant during the bank branch audit.


The prudential norms are formulated on the basis of objective criteria rather than on any subjective consideration. This has brought in uniform and consistent application of the norms and greater transparency in published accounts of banks. The latest Master Circular No. DBOD.

No. BP.BC.9/21.04.048/2014-15 dated 1st July, 2014 issued by the RBI contains IRAC norms which are applicable for the statutory audit of banks for the year ending 31s,March, 2015. For the first time, the RBI has introduced new frame work for revitalisation of distressed assets in the above circular.

Audit of NPA would basically involve identification of an account as NPA, its correct classification, income recognition, provisioning, if an account is restructured and compliance of various conditions as enumerated in the Master Circular, etc.

  • Types of Assets

Standard Asset: An account is considered as standard asset when it is not non-performing and does not carry more than normal risk attached to the business.

Non-Performing Asset (NPA): An asset becomes NPA when it ceases to generate income for the bank. This would mean that an account would be classified as NPA on the basis of record of recovery rather than security charged in favour of the bank in respect of such account. Thus, an account would become NPA if interest charged to that particular borrower is not realised within the prescribed time frame despite the account being fully secured.

  • Identification of Account as NPA

The RBI has laid down undermentioned criteria for classification of various types of advances as NPA which is based on record of recovery:

  • Term Loan: Interest and/or instalment of principal remain overdue for a period of more than 90 days.

It is very important to note here that as per para

  • of the Master Circular, an account would be classified as NPA only if the interest due and charged during any quarter is not serviced fully within 90 days from the end of the quarter. For example, interest is charged on 30th November, 2014 in a term loan account. Now, if it is not serviced within 90 days from 31st December, 2014, then term loan account would become NPA, not otherwise.
  • Overdraft/Cash Credit: If an account remains out of order, it would become NPA. For this purpose, an account would be treated as ‘out of order’ if:
  1. The outstanding balance remains continuously in excess of the sanctioned


limit/drawing power for 90 days or more, or

  1. Even if the outstanding balance in the account is less than the sanctioned limit/ drawing power, there are no credits in the account continuously for 90 days as on the date of the balance sheet, or
  2. Credits in the account are not sufficient to cover interest debited during the same period.

As on 31st March, 2015, if any of the above criteria is satisfied, the account would be classified as NPA. Auditor should verify stock statement to check the correctness of drawing power and whether the same is calculated in accordance with the approved policy of bank. Auditor should not assume sanctioned limit to be the drawing power. There may be instances where drawing power would be less than the sanctioned limit. For example, sanctioned limit of an account may be ^25 lakh but the drawing power of the account may not necessarily be ?25 lakh and it could less than that. A CC/OD account which is classified as standard may get classified as NPA because of an error in calculation of drawing power.

  • Bills Purchased/Discounted: If the bill

purchased or discounted remains overdue for a period of more than 90 days from its due date.

  • Agricultural Advances: A loan granted for-
  1. Short duration crops will be treated as NPA, if the installment of principal or interest thereon remains overdue for two crop seasons.
  2. Long duration crops will be treated as NPA, if the installment of principal or interest thereon remains overdue for one crop season.

For the purpose of these guidelines, “long duration” crops would be crops with crop season longer than one year and NPA date would depend on crop cycle, which is

A credit card account will be treated as NPA, if the minimum amount due, as mentioned in the statement, is not paid fully within 90 days from the next statement date. The gap between two statements should not be more than a month.