The first total solar eclipse moves from the west coast to the east coast in almost a century sees parts of the United States in the dark during the day of August 21.

With just a month, Newsweek spoke with Jay Pasachoff, an American astronomy field teacher at Williams University, about the eclipse of what is happening in the day and what we can learn from the coast event.

What is a total solar eclipse?

For an astronomer, it is a fantastic opportunity to get data on the sun that is not otherwise available.

To the general public, it is a fantastic and awake experience when it suddenly becomes darker a thousand times in a few seconds in the middle of the day. Many people call the best experience I’ve ever had, even “evolution of life.”
During a total eclipse, when the moon blocks the solar photosphere (the sun every day, the sphere from which Greek images meaning, light, comes), the blue sky disappears and you can see the light outside the Sun, which It is usually too small to be seen.

Are they rare events?

The total eclipses are visible from a narrow road one hundred miles wide and thousands of miles every 18 months. So they are not so rare if you are willing to travel. But if you wait for a place after seeing a total eclipse, on average you have to wait about 350 years for it to show a second total eclipse.

Why is the solar eclipse of August 21 special?

This is the first total solar eclipse in 99 years that the trajectory of the whole crosses the continental part of the west coast of the United States to the east coast. This is the first total solar eclipse that surpasses that of the United States and any other country.
If you are in the group all, you will see (if you look through special “sunscreens” that obscure the sun around 100,000), the moon gradually covers the sun for about 75 minutes, then everything beautiful And then discovered for another 75 min.

How will people be in the path of the eclipse?

At the beginning of all, the increasing balance of the discovery of the sun trigger, and bright spots (‘Baily Pearls’) will shine through the valleys along the Moon.

The latest cable is so bright compared to everything in the sky that is called the “diamond ring” effect with the inner solar crown ring as the band.

Everything will be good for a maximum of two minutes and 40 seconds, depending on where you are in the path of the whole; The crown is visible and the sky will darken around the Sun, with a reddish horizon around it. Then the diamond ring and Baily ball appear in reverse.

The Gravest Dangers of Trump's Voter Fraud Commission

The Gravest Dangers of Trump’s Voter Fraud Commission

The Gravest Dangers of Trump’s Voter Fraud Commission

For a committee that claims to be serious to ensure the integrity of the election, “Presidential Presidential Advisory Commission” President Donald Trump on electoral integrity is overflowing.

Last week, the commission, chaired by Vice President Mike Pence and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, sent a letter to the country’s electoral authorities in search of sensitive personal information of voters, including names, addresses , Numbers from the last four voters social security numbers, information on the elections in which people voted since 2006 and information on serious convictions, as well as answers to a number of open questions. All this information must be provided in just two weeks.

The responses of states are faced with this varying alarming demand. Some are examining the Commission’s letter. Others refused to provide information about electors protected by their state laws. Others have always rejected the Commission’s request.

The Secretaries of State of both parties have expressed their inability to transmit information requested by Kobach. The Mississippi Secretary of State – a Republican – said the commission could “jump in the Gulf of Mexico.”

Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan, also a Republican, said he could not “consciously” post-election data sensitive to a “willingness to hurry.” And in a strange twist, even Kobach said that his own state could not share information.

Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron continue their perfect Bromance G20
State officials refuse to give out privileged personal information and fill out long questionnaires legitimately place the laws, resources, and citizens of their states beforehand in a strong mandate from a group of questionable motives and methods.

The panel – created to strengthen the baseless statement that Trump 3 to 5 million people voted illegally in 2016 – has done nothing to alleviate concern that this is not a false mission investigation. Alternatively, excavation in the absence of Evidence of fraud to impose stricter federal voting laws that could prevent eligible voters.

A spokesman for the vice president confirmed that the commission intended to compare the data that receives the names of other federal databases.

This is a problem because we have seen that with bad methods, comparing databases incorrectly can lead to important reports of people registered in two places or people allegedly unregistered citizens (this is what happened with similar efforts in The past, including across-state Kobach Crusade led). These inflated figures can become the justification for unnecessarily strict voting restrictions.

A look at the composition of the commission revealed that ultimately they could undermine, not reinforce public confidence in our choices. It includes supporters of the nation’s most difficult voting restrictions and, despite bipartisan claims, is chaired by two members of the same political party.

However, the last constituencies were presided over by respected lawyers for President Obama and Mitt Romney, and former President Jimmy Carter and Republican Secretary of State James A. Baker III.

Man who held hostages at Atlanta-area bank killed, police say

Man who held hostages at Atlanta-area bank killed, police say

Man who held hostages at Atlanta-area bank killed, police say

Atlanta (CNN) – A man who said he had a bomb when he held two hostages at a bank in the Atlanta area was killed, authorities announced Friday.

The Georgia Office of Investigation identified the suspect as Brian Easley, 33.

Easley had entered the Wells Fargo bank branch near Marietta and told the negotiators by telephone that he had a bomb in a backpack, said Michael Registrar, the Cobb County Chief of Police.

He did not try to rob the bank, said Registry, but claims that he is a military veteran and wanted complaints with “military entities”. Registry did not specify the complaints.
Clients were allowed out but Easley selected two employees as hostages, public information officer D. L., Pierce said.

WAGA reported that a SWAT armored vehicle drove to the bank gate around noon and agents entered and released the hostages. Around 10 shots were heard after the hostages escaped, WAGA said.

Pierce has characterized human death as a shot involving an officer.
“(The death of the suspect) is not something we want to happen, but unfortunately for the preservation of life, sometimes it becomes necessary,” he said.

After the man died, the backpack was taken to another place and destroyed. Police did not say if there was a bomb in the backpack.
Police were called to the area around 9:30 am by a man who has “made general threats,” said Cobb County Police spokeswoman Alicia Chilton. Registry said the man had complaints about “military entities”.

Easley said he had a bomb and said it was containing at least two people in the building, said FBI spokesman Steve Emmett. The man described his “bomb” to have enough explosive strength to give us a concern not only for the construction, but also for its surroundings, “said Registro.

Police arrived outside the bank, which is located on Windy Hill Road, northwest of Atlanta, and several nearby highways were closed.

Later, a man claiming to be the abductor calls affiliate WSB-TV CNN.
He went to one of the stations editors missions for more than 30 minutes, saying he was a homeless veteran who completed two times in Iraq with a supply company and had no money to buy food, WSB said.

There were conflicting reports of how the incident ended.
Shortly after noon, Cobb County Police spokesman Pierce said all those who had been in the bank with the man were released unharmed.

The suspect remained inside, and police were trying to determine what was happening in the bank, Pierce said.
But Record said the police chief Friday before police had entered the building to try to save two hostages, which resulted in the death of the suspect.
“We felt it was an opportunity for the two hostages, and we certainly took advantage of this opportunity … depending on the danger that we think they were,” said Registro.

When Registrar announced the suspect’s death at around 1:45 pm ET, he said the nearby buildings were still blocked because investigators were trying to determine if there was a bomb in the bank.

A nearby restaurant Chick-fil-A was one of the establishments closed because of the situation in the bank, said the manager of Hailey Vines.

Podesta calls Trump ‘our whack job’ president in response to error-filled tweet

Podesta calls Trump ‘our whack job’ president in response to error-filled tweet

Podesta calls Trump ‘our whack job’ president in response to error-filled tweet

During a full day of meetings at Friday’s Group of 20 summit in Hamburg, President Trump dismissed one of his most curious final tweets: the claim that “everyone” was talking about the role of John Podesta, The former president of Hillary Clinton’s campaign in the Russian hacking e-mail scandal last year.

“Everyone here talks about why John Podesta refused to give the DNC server to the FBI and the CIA. Dishonorable,” Trump wrote, apparently referring mistakenly to a Democratic National Committee server containing pirated e-mails.

Podesta, who was taking a road trip across the country with his wife said Friday that he had discovered during a pit stop in West Virginia that the president was a jerk himself. He returned in kind on Twitter, calling Trump “our good job PEU” and telling him to “take care”.

The Trump tweet followed several more Friday when it counted meetings with world leaders at the G-20, and occurred just hours before the scheduled time to sit down with Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose intelligence officials from the United States said that interference from His country in last year’s election between Trump and Clinton.

Trump tweeted two parts of the e-mail scandal. The DNC hacked email server issued in July, while hacked the personal account of the Podesta was released later in the year by WikiLeaks.

Podesta has not held a position in the DNC, and was not in a position to exercise control over his e-mail. In any case, Podesta has cooperated fully with the FBI and other law enforcement authorities regarding piracy of their personal email.

It was not clear what Trump meant when he said that “everyone” at the G-20 summit was Podesta state and its alleged actions. Several White House officials did not respond Friday to the questions Trump spoke about himself.

Podesta, who previously served in the White Houses of Democratic presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, unleashed seven tweets Friday, including one that offered this advice to Trump: “Friend, get your head in the game representing the States. G-20 “.
Later in the day, after arriving in Kentucky, Podesta has submitted a comment to The Washington Post in which he wrote: “It had nothing to do with the Democratic National Committee. So there’s no DNC server to refuse To give me and never asked me one. ”

He also noted that “the CIA has no role in collecting information internally – in fact, it is banned. The CIA would never ask for a third to a DNC server.”

Shortly after his tweet on Podesta, Trump issued another saying: “I’m looking forward to all of today’s meetings with world leaders, including my meeting with Vladimir Poutine.